Stephanie’s Services

I offer sessions in person as well as remote individual & group sessions. I combine a variety of modalities I have learned as a holistic practitioner. Sessions are held remotely over the phone, as well as in person at my West Hills & Simi Valley Offices. On site in and around L.A. & Ventura counties.

Benefits of Sound and Energy healing

The use of tuning forks on and around ones body can alleviate physical, emotional & spiritual dis-ease. Longstanding Patterns and issues are often released, allowing individuals to maximize their potential. Biofield tuning, sound & energy healing allow a person to tap into their highest healing energy and see shifts where other modalities haven’t worked before.

Group Sessions

I offer remote group sessions addressing various themes such as, Body Image, Relationships, Restorative Sleep & Abundance. Many report physical, emotional & mental healing as a result of the remote sessions. The past sessions are available in mp3 format to purchase and download. I take topic requests and allows for private group sessions to be arranged in addition to my public group sessions. The group sessions also encourage & allow for connection with like minded individuals.

Group Sessions

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