What’s A Session Like?

You can work with Stephanie on the phone or in person. Since spirit has no space or time Stephanie can tune into you equally as well remotely so you’re able to enjoy the comfort of your own home. She will ask you to breathe, relax and she will create a safe healing space. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. The use of sound brings light to imbalances in the energy field in and around your body. Biofield tuning brings forth and enhances your access to your health, your own information and removes blockages that may be present in relationships, work, health, or any area. We are often driven by limiting patterns that develop when young and sometimes inherited, the use of tuning forks helps identify and release those patterns. This allows you to see your own potential and gradually shift your life into a harmonious, expressive tale. Clients often feel an immediate calming effect followed by a release of tension as the body’s natural healing processes are supported. It has shown to be helpful with spiritual, emotional and physical dis-ease as well as relieving pain, anxiety, stress, depression, headaches, digestive issues, addictions and more.

Sonic Meridian Flush

A fully body treatment that washes away tension and rebalances the body’s energy flow. Stephanie combines the use of weighted forks on the body with relaxing massage. Imbalances in the meridian lines are noted and cleared, creating deep physical as well as mental relaxation. This treatment is primarily done in person and will have you floating off of the table at the end of the session.

Adrenal Reset

Performed in person or remotely, this treatment will help calm your body’s stress response. Repeated or long term stress can exhaust the adrenals, creating dis-ease and imbalances in the body. Stephanie works with the energy in the field around the adrenals and kidneys allowing the body to reset to its natural rhythms. Chronic fatigue often becomes a thing of the past. Sleep is enhanced as well as overall body health.

Total Body Rebalancing

Stephanie’s signature treatment, in person, in which she combines multiple therapies creating ultimate relaxation for the body, mind and spirit. Stephanie uses applied kinesiology and energy medicine to identify weaknesses. Balance in and around the body is restored with sound therapy, body work, flower essences, essential oils as well as homeopathic and nutritional supplements. Each session is tailored to the clients current needs and goals. Full treatment is 11/2 hours.

Scar Tissue Healing

If a scar is “active’ it creates a “circuit breaker” in ones body. Stephanie uses weighted tuning forks to repair and heal the active scar tissue, in turn creating more flow, strength and overall body health. Once the scar is healed the body shifts focus to repairing other areas in need, allowing for greater health and immunity.

Energetic Emotional Release

Performed remotely, Stephanie tunes in to an individual and with the use of applied kinesiology and energy medicine she tracks past traumas that are currently active. Life ‘triggers’ often create mental, emotional and physical dis-ease. Energetic emotional release can eliminate the active charge on an experience allowing for an individual to move forward, instead of feeling “stuck’ in the past. As a result clients are often able to create more fulfilling long-lasting relationships.

Biofield Tuning Session

Most often performed remotely, Stephanie listens to the goals, concerns and discomforts of her client. Once individual intention is clear Stephanie identifies imbalances in and around ones body. She uses weighted and unweighted tuning forks to harmonize and bring homeostasis to energies both within and around ones body. BT is a powerful modality that increases life force, breaks limiting patterns and allows clients to live their best life!

Massage & Myofascial Release

Alleviate soreness, stiffness and chronic tension with healing therapies that target hidden muscle layers and connective tissues. Massage and fascia release allow for full body relaxation as well as greater muscle tone. Stephanie also performs a specific circulatory massage which aids in proper blood flow and overall health.

Group Sound / Energy Healing Sessions

Performed remotely, Stephanie addresses various topics such as Love, Sleep, Body Image & Health. She grounds the collective group and allows imbalances to come up and release allowing for overall relaxation of those tuned in. Old patterns are released, limiting beliefs often reset and a multitude of benefits arise in ones body and life.

Home / Office Clearing

Old energies, negative thoughts and low level vibrations can cloud places leaving us to feel uneasy while inhabiting them. A home or office clearing can not only change the energy of the place, but also the energy that is attracted to the home or business. Primarily performed remotely, Stephanie rids spaces of stale energy, creating a cleansed atmosphere allowing you the freedom to feel at peace in your space.