Before my session with Stephanie, my 22-month-old daughter was nursing around the clock and was up every couple of hours throughout the night. The constant need to nurse was taking its toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally. It was also impacting my relationships with my other 3 children. To say that I was exhausted, sleep deprived and running on empty would be an understatement. I had shared with Stephanie that I was struggling and wanted to be done breastfeeding but the amount of energy I felt it would take to wean was more energy than I had.  

During our session, Stephanie worked on clearing the cord between my daughter and I and shifting the energy around the belief I was holding around weaning. We spoke of how the nursing was mirroring my own need for comfort and connection and we really locked in that releasing nursing gets to be a gentle and positive experience for both my daughter and I. 

The result of our session blew my mind! Within 48 hours, we were down to nursing twice a day. She’s no longer pulling on my shirt all day long AND she is now sleeping through the night which means I am sleeping through the night.  

Because our nursing relationship shifted and getting proper sleep, we have chosen not to fully wean yet. Nursing once or twice a day works for us and I am able to enjoy our special connection. 

Thank you Stephanie for working your magic! This one session shifted things not only for the baby and I, but also for our entire family! 

Molly Nichols
Mama of 4 and women’s empowerment coach

Stephanie is on the very top tier of healers I know. her combination of clear sight, generous heart and firm grounding in energetic healing and amazing clairvoyance make her the very best sound and energy healer. I’ve worked with her for over 10 years and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her sessions have helped me make enormous changes in my life and have opened up new experiences and opportunities.

Elizabeth Oriel, Bloomsbury Scholar PhD
Researcher, University of London

I’m so amazed how my body responds to sound healing! Like an energetic day spa. Stephanie’s combination of techniques will transform you from intensity into tranquility without even realizing it! I would highly recommend.

Elaina S.

I think these group sessions are the greatest thing I have run into in forever. I lost 14 pounds without effort last month!

Jennifer O.

I have been seeing Stephanie for many years now. Not only is she an amazing body worker but she has the ability of tuning the body at the same time. When she is done my mind, body and spirit are back on track and I feel amazing!!!!

Jill Peters

My hip pain was significantly decreased after just one session! I love calling into the group sessions and I find they really help me! Stephanie is a very gifted healer.

Rachel Mills

My whole body muscle tone is much healthier, rib cage expansions much less limited, left ear blocked feeling is gone, left shoulder pain improved, ear ringing is more balanced in both ears & in lighter tone! Thank you Stephanie!

Joyce W.

After one session with Stephanie I felt lighter! I felt better in my throat and head…stopped coughing as much and my headache never came back!

Jessica T.

“I’m very happy! Group Body Image session finally broke my plateau, I lost 2 ponds overnight!”

Haylee Joblynski

I had been trying to sell my home for over 7 months when I decided to have a home clearing with Stephanie. She cleared old energies from my home and within less than 3 weeks we were in escrow! My husband and I were able to move to Townsend, WA and retire! Her work is truly amazing!

Betsy Stowater

Stephanie is a true gem. I never knew the power of sound and energy healing until the results started coming in. I’m so thankful for Stephanie’s help in transforming my body, mind and outlook. The best part is she really cares!

Melissa Corns

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