Sleep Soundly Bundle

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Adequate restful sleep is key to one’s ability to be fully embodied, healthy and in enjoyment of life! These sessions address imbalances in one’s field that may be creating a lack of harmony. Anxiety is released, brain health is supported and balance is restored to allow for a more rejuvenating night. Please allow 5-7 days in between auditing the different sessions and follow pre and post self care listed on the site.

Sleep Soundly

This session addresses limitations around getting a good nights rest.  Patterns that prevent sound sleep are released and an overall sense of relaxation and ability to rejuvenate are brought in!

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Restorative Sleep & Immunity

This is the second session related to sleep.  It dives a little deeper into clearing brain pathways that may be preventing the most restorative beneficial sleep possible.  It can be listened to alone or in addition to the Sleep Soundly session.  Rest Well!

Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $0.00.

Perfect Balance

If you're looking for an overall rebalancing this is the session for you.  Ideals of perfection are lightly addressed and released allowing for more self acceptance and peace within.

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