Self Sovereignty Bundle


When we take ownership and seniority over our space we align with our highest good. This bundle will allow you more permission, ability and safety to have self sovereignty. As we align with our highest order old disorders or all sorts leave our lives. We let go of self defeating behaviors, addictions and old labels that no longer serve our highest purpose. Please allow 5-7 days in between session and follow pre and post self care listed on the site.

Self Sovereignty

This session addresses issues around giving your seniority away to others.  Energies and patterns that once allowed others to take away your power are shifted and a sense of self empowerment is brought in.  Honor as well as the ability to stay more connected to your body and sense of self is strengthened.


Overcoming Addictions & Bad Habits

In this session we address limiting patterns and release vibrations that no longer serve you.  Let go of self sabotage, embody the beautiful light that you are!



Having healthy boundaries allows us to feel safer in our bodies.  We are able to navigate our lives better when we set healthy boundaries in all areas of our lives.  This session addresses the inability to set positive boundaries as well as allowing us to better decipher where we end and someone else begins.  Old limitations are released and you're likely to feel a new found freedom in your space!

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