Self Care Bundle


As we clear old habits of over giving in relationships of all sorts we can set clearer boundaries and allow for more time for self care. Our relationship with ourselves deepens and we in turn attract more fulfilling interactions, peace and connections in all facets of our lives.


Having healthy boundaries allows us to feel safer in our bodies.  We are able to navigate our lives better when we set healthy boundaries in all areas of our lives.  This session addresses the inability to set positive boundaries as well as allowing us to better decipher where we end and someone else begins.  Old limitations are released and you're likely to feel a new found freedom in your space!


Time management & Self Care

Making time for self and caring for one's own needs often takes a backseat when busied with life and all of its responsibilities.  This session focuses on clearing any limitations around making time for self.  It's intention is supportive of creating new routines and allowing for more rest and rejuvenation.



A fantastic session that addresses improving relationships of all kinds!  Before you listen hold the intention for a specific relationship to clear.  Please intend for one relationship per audit.  It's best to allow a few days minimum for integration time between sessions.

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