Happiness Bundle


It is our birthright to be happy and joyful! This bundle is a magical trio that will clear feelings of being in the doldrums, it will lift your spirits and create a reset as you bring more happiness and joy into your world!

Amusement, Laughter is the Best Medicine

Have things ever been so bad, you have to laugh?  Amusement is a beautiful, high and fluid vibration that allows us to release sadness, fear, depression, anxiety, anger and many other negative feelings.  This session focuses on releasing limitations and being in full amusement within our lives!


Happiness is your Birthright

It is our birthright to experience happiness and joy.  This session addresses and releases negative vibrations and limitations, often picked up during gestation.  If you feel that you are somehow not deserving of living life to its fullest enjoyment and happiness, this session is likely to allow you a new lease on life!



Joy is a beautiful vibration that allows us to live our happiest life.  This session will aid in clearing sadness, grief and depression allowing for more enjoyment to encompass your life.

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