Energetic Hygiene Bundle

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Our energetic fields are often picking up energies of the collective. We can feel bogged down thinking its our own stuff when in reality all we need is an energetic cleanout or shower if you will. This bundle empowers you with easy techniques that you can incorporate into you life and afford yourself more freedom! Please listen in order as the techniques build on the foundation in Energetic Hygiene 101. Be sure to allow 5-7 days in between new sessions and follow pre and post self care listed on the site.

Energetic Hygiene 101

If you're empathic or just feeling bogged down and you don't know why, you may need an energetic clean out.  Its natural to pick up energy from people, the media and various clients in our day to day encounters.  This session offers you the basic tools necessary to regain seniority over your space!  You can sit back relax and just receive or you can play along with the various tools I mention throughout the session.  Listen often, as energetic hygiene plays an important role in how we create and manifest for ourselves!  Happy cleansing!

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Energetic Hygiene 102

In this session you will receive an overall energetic clean out as well as more techniques to keep your space clean & protected!  After your clean out, you can expect a brighter outlook, overall lighter feel and more space to be beautiful, wonderful you!!!

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Energetic Hygiene 103

This is the third session of an energetic cleanout series.  We often have multiple energy exchanges each and every day, which over time can cloud us, bog us down and cause notable imbalances in a variety of ways.  In this session you will receive an energetic cleanout as well as more tools to allow for a brighter outlook on life!  This is a great session to repeat as needed as general upkeep in your day to day life.

Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $0.00.
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