Creativity Bundle


It is recommended that you create a vision board or list of that which you’re looking to create.  In the first session limitations, mishaps, old limiting beliefs and other peoples energy will be cleared out of your vision board.  After this reset and a minimum of a week to integrate the shifts, it is recommended you listen to the abundance session where old patterns will be whisked away allowing for more abundant flow in all areas of your life!  The final session in this bundle will bring in creativity and Inspiration allowing your dreams to materialize and support you having fun while doing it!  Happy Creating!  Please follow pre and post self care instructions listed on the site.

Clearing Your Vision Board

If you're looking to manifest your goals and have your dreams come true this is the session for you!  Please create a vision board and or a list of goals, dreams and aspirations prior to listening.  The session focuses on clearing limitations and reprogramming vibrations in the body to better help you materialize your goals!



This session aids in releasing old limitations and vibrations that can prevent us from receiving abundantly.  Once cleared, the space is set to have an abundance of love, wealth, knowledge, freedom and whatever other abundant qualities you're looking to bring in!  Set your specific intention at the beginning of the session to allow for those energies to bless your life!  Listen as many times as you need, please allow for integration time in between sessions.


Creativity & Inspiration

This is a great session if you're feeling stuck or just looking to get inspired!  Limitations that may get in the way of creating our goals to their fullest potential are released and replaced with the vibrations of creativity and infinite possibility!

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